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“The Power of Improvisation in Business”

Training Workshops to boost Creativity, Confidence and Communication

Think improvisation is just for stand-up comedians and actors? Think again! The underlying principles of Improvisation offer businesses a powerful and learnable set of tools that will unlock new and transformational agilities within you and your team.

In a business context, improvisation isn’t just about going off-piste or working without a safety net. It’s about your ability to come up with solutions IN THE MOMENT. Your ability to feel confident in this respect IS your safety net.

“You will walk out of one of our workshops having said and done things that you previously would not have expected of yourself – not because the person leading the session has simply talked about a shift in the way you might think, but because you will have physically done the work yourself. A key thing you will take away is a tangible sense of having more options.” John Nicholson, Business Improvers Founder and Coach.

Business Improvers Training Workshop Series

“The training challenged me to get through the blocks of self doubt or the ‘that’s a rubbish idea’ voice that stops you coming forward more. It made me try to go to unorthodox routes creatively and get away from predictable ideas/responses”. Rick, 72Point PR

Give your team a power boost. Review then choose from four inspiring training workshops:

  • 1. How To Have A Conversation click here for detail
  • 2. How To Come Up With Great Ideas click here for detail
  • 3. Re-framing The F Word click here for detail
  • 4. Playing Games In The Lion’s Den click here for detail
  • “In high pressure or difficult meetings a natural response is to speed up one’s speech. Exercises today helped me recognise that, and gave me ways to pause, slow down and be comfortable.” Lisa Williams, MD, Atom Content Marketing

    Here’s what happened on a recent Peepolykus Away Day run by Business Improvers coach John (that’s him, running around the office). Only joking. Or are we….?!!!! (PS you might spot a few well known faces…..)

    And here’s what happens when things go wrong for us. On stage. Live. In the West End. During Hound of the Baskervilles when the theatre roof leaked! And how we improvise, or think creatively, when we’re put on the spot:


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