Rhinoceros (first performed 2002)

‘The anarchic Peepolykus, masters of devised slapstick, broaden Ionesco’s parable with their inspired clowning”. The Stage

Peepolykus made their first foray into text with Ionesco’s absurdist masterpiece Rhinoceros. The inhabitants of a small French town, blissfully unaware of their own eccentricities, become afflicted with the condition of Rhinoceritis – the sudden transformation from human to rhinoceros. The results are dramatic and unsettling.

We were very drawn to the wonderfully absurd aspects of this play and were keen to embark upon our first ensemble piece asa company. Rhinoceros can also be quite tough to stage in an exciting way and we embraced the idea of giving the show the Peepolykus treatment under the direction of the wonderful Kate Beales.

Revivals like this breath life back into forgotten plays and companies like Peepolykus show how exciting and hilarious theatre can be. It’s a long time since I’ve seen such absurdly, sublimely skilled performances.
Somerset Country Gazette

This production is not only a milestone in the development of Peepolykus. It is also an important contribution to absurdist drama by a company who truly understand the nature of absurdity.
The Oxford Times

Imaginatively directed, with an excellent cast, Peepolykus blow the dust off this rarely performed classic and bring it to life with funny-bone-twinkling lunacy.
What’s on

Peepolykus’ irresistible charm is combined with flashes of inspired clowning.
The Independent on Sunday

Peepolykus’s trademark characteristics of physical theatre, clowning and abundant energy are used to great effect in Rhinoceros, which is an encouraging step forward for one of the most innovative companies at work in the UK today.
Evening Standard

Performed by John Nicholson, Javier Marzan, David Sant, Phoebe Soteriades, Flick Ferdinando and David Benson
Written by Eugene Ionesco
Directed by Kate Beales

Rhinoceros 1

Rhinoceros 3

rhinoceros 2


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